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            Event Timing and Scoring

                    Chip and/or Bib Tag Timing:

                            Water and MTB sports wear strap Chips
                            Running/Walking sports wear Bib Tags
                            Pros: precise timing, fewer volunteers and
                                                   quicker results output

                   Manual Timing (TimeMachine):

                           Costs less than Chip Timing
                           More volunteers required for finish chute
                           Results posted in minutes to screen


Some events can save money by requesting manual timing and foregoing an additional chip expense.  We suggest events with 150 participants or more use chip timing.


We show up at your event two hours before start (Earlier if required)  and remain until awards are completed.

We work with you from online registration through the posting of results online.

Your success is our success!

FREE Event registration setup and hosting

                   Any legal organization may apply

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     Serving the Connecticut River Valley (VT & NH)


     Chip Timed Races

Additional Chip or Tag costs per registered particpant

 Bib Tags are less expensive than the Chips used for cycling  or water events.  We try to keep this expense as low as  possible for your event.

 Pinnacle Timing

(offers the following for your event at no extra cost)

  • Fast accurate results and awards
  • Race day results are displayed on large monitor screen
  • Tablet for doing awards
  • Finish display clock
  • Finish chute
  • Starter pistol or Air horn
  • Speaker system (battery powered)
  • Megaphone
  • EZUP Tent (10x10)

  • Tables for registration (4 max)
  • Results posted on Pinnacle Timing website
  • Results posted on other sites upon request
  • Results emailed to event organizer


We bring our own electrical power source in the form of high powered batteries to run our computers and results monitors.

Example Pinnacle Timing Results Screen

Results Screen


Pinnacle Timing has gone paperless


  • Results are instantly displayed on screen
  • Awards can be displayed on a tablet (paper upon request)
  • Results posted online immediately after event finished

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